Have you found your soul mate?

Have you found your soul mate? Women, listen, until you find your perfect match your heart will never be satisfied. Is that person your husband, the one you are dating or the one you are hoping will someday love you back? Most, if not all of us, have hoped for that "perfect mate,” someone who would meet our high standard of expectations. I am sorry to tell you that no woman I have ever met over the past two and half decades, women from many different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, age groups, skin color, and belief systems, have truly found their knight in shining armor. The fantasy that one who will come or is coming to take his bride away on his white horse and then and only then they will both live happily ever after is simply not true. Perhaps you felt that the joy in finding your perfect match was real and you believed that you were living your ideal life, but that feeling did not last. The dream vanished because of some challenges you faced in your life. This is not a new phenomenon. It was written for us from the beginning. In Genesis 3:16, God told Eve “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." This verse had troubled me for a long time. It seemed like God was saying to Eve that she had been misled by the devil, who convinced her that it is alright [...]