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Zina is the co-founder and Director of WithYou Wellness Center. This center provides psycho-education and mentoring to groups and individuals in the Detroit metropolitan area in the English, Arabic, and Chaldean Languages. Zina, alongside her husband, George Dababneh, have served the Christian communities in Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, and Jordan since 1990.

Zina earned her Bachelor of Arts in History from Baghdad University in Iraq and her Master of Arts in Counseling from Cincinnati Christian University in Ohio – USA. She also received additional specialized education on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to aid in helping Arab refugees, especially woman, deal with the stresses of life and living in a new culture.

Zina is passionate about helping Arab women recognize their value and worth, that they have been created in God’s image. Women have the right to choose the kind of life they wish to live and the capability to accomplish their goals; therefore, they deserve to be respected and honored in their communities.

Anyone desiring to participate in empowering Arab women are invited and encouraged to partner with Zina in accomplishing that goal.

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For more copies of the book, please visit the following page for details. www.ZinaKamoura.com/Books